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Toddler games for preschool 2+

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Learning games for kids
Educational games for preschoolers

Get your child excited about nature with this early science app especially designed for Preschool and Kindergarten kids.

"Hello Spring is a great educational app for preschoolers.  With Hello Spring, kids can learn about the natural world in a fun and educational setting." 

"One of the best educational apps for preschoolers. Thanks for a smart app!" -

"Hello Spring from Clapenjoy  is a sweet new app aimed at the preschool set that let them follow along with a little rabbit friend as his little spring meadow wakes up for Spring. " -

"This app is easy for young children to play on their own, and there is a learning element in each activity." -

"It won me over with its variety of fun activities, some of which allow children to decide for themselves how they want to complete the planting activities." -

Toddler & Kids Learning games is educational app for preschool kids with big imagination. In a 100% SAFE and ad-free environment your preschooler will discover all the fun activities he can do in nature. Ideal for kids 2-5 years in age, it is an amazing learning game to raise awareness about the environment in preschool and kindergarten.


* Take care of the garden
* Tap and see how butterflies are born
* Hatch baby birds from eggs and feed them
* Puzzles challenging and educational
* Have fun painting with your favorite colors
* Excercise your skills with memory games and shape puzzles


* AD FREE and easy navigation for preschool Kids 5 and Under to play on their own
* Educational value: your preschoolers will understand where their fresh produce comes from, will learn about responsibility by caring for trees and baby birds
* Learning games and puzzles designed to help preschool kids develop motor coordination, memory, and preschool skills
* Delightful animations for bees, birds, caterpillar to learn and play more
* Coloring pages to have more fun
* Never play the same game again!