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About us

We, the Clapenjoy team, value kids education. As parents we put first the education of our kids but never forget to have fun.

As a family who value education and having a good time, we wanted to make sure that our children are able to enjoy mobile and tablet technology in an enriching and educational way without taking away the fun gameplay elements that youngsters find so appealing.

We are small team, very passionate about creating educational applications for children using our parenting and professional expertise, as educators,developers and artists.

The guidelines we follow:
- Develop meaningful apps containing things that your child can relate to in his daily life. Using familiar characters, themes, environments and sounds keep your child engaged and excited about learning.
- Story based learning app with a character that needs help on his journey.
- Add educational value to your child’s playtime and keep them engaged with at-home learning.
- Apps with high quality content which reinforces their preschool knowledge.
- Provide instant feedback to celebrate success.
- Using characters, sounds, and graphics which resonate with preschool children.
- Promote higher order thinking by combining memory and reasoning with curiosity and self-motivated learning.- Use visual cues to provide a mixture of physical and mental challenges.